Every Saturday, 10:15-11:00am

Every Saturday morning we give away FREE bread and bakery items to anyone in need!  Meet at the front door when we open, walk through and pick up whatever items you need, and be on your way.  This is a service we offer to our community to help those in hard times, there is no paperwork involved, if you think you qualify you DO!  In order to serve as many as possible, we limit the amount of items given to each family based on need/amount of food available that week.  Please pass the word to anyone you feel could benefit from this ministry.

If the Bread Ministry is canceled due to bad weather or holidays, a note will be posted on the door Friday night or early Saturday morning if not before.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to fill out a form to qualify to receive the free items?  No, this is a ministry to bless anyone in need.  If you feel you qualify, you do!  We may take your name and phone number if you wish to be notified of special food distributions (sometimes we give away holiday food baskets) but only if you’re willing to give your information.

2.  Where does the bread come from, how do you give it away for free?  A couple of the ladies in our church have a special place in their heart for providing food for families in need.  Through prayer and research, they found that many local grocery stores are just throwing away bags and bags of baked items every day!  Due to grocery store policies these breads, bakery cakes, desserts and more must be tossed when they reach their “sell by” date, even though they are still very edible!  So now instead of throwing them away, a few local stores give us their leftovers.  Our Bread Ministry team drives around town a couple times a week picking up loads of baked goods and delivering them to families and other organizations to be given away.

3.  This sounds like a ministry I would love to serve in! How can I help?  If you would like to help with our Bread Ministry simply contact the church office through phone or email.  We will pass your info on to our Bread Ministry coordinators.  We are always in need of people to help pick up from grocery stores and deliver to various local organizations/churches.  We can also use help on Saturday mornings at our weekly distribution.