While we’re not about dozens of programs and big productions, we do realize the need to have focused areas of ministry to serve specific groups of people.  We believe it is important for older men to teach younger men, and wiser women to help encourage younger women…and we find a Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry give us great structure for that.  In addition, we see the benefit of providing a time for children and students to learn, pray and grow in their faith together.  Below you will find more information for various ministry groups, but keep in mind above and beyond groups and ministry titles our goal is to walk alongside each other as we live our lives for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Scroll through for more info on our classes and ministries for children and youth.

Babies & Crawlers

Our Nursery for babies and crawlers is located upstairs just off the main foyer near the sanctuary, allowing parents of babies the freedom to step in to feed or console little ones as needed.  Our nursery volunteers are all members of our church with experience caring for little ones.  There will always be 2 volunteers available to help in the nursery as needed.  The nursery houses a baby bed, changing table, rockers, and plenty of toys.  Babies who are old enough are offered animal crackers and goldfish crackers for a snack, unless instructed otherwise by parents.  The Nursery is open at 9:00am for Sunday Bible Study Hour through the end of the morning Worship service.

Toddlers (Walkers through 3 yr olds)  & Pre-K (4 & 5 yr olds)

Our Toddler room is located downstairs, and is directly across the hall from the Pre-K room.  In the Toddler room children have plenty of play time, are served a snack (animal crackers & goldfish, with water), and will sometimes do a craft, have sing-a-long time or watch an age appropriate bible related movie.  The Pre-K room also allows for plenty of play time, a snack (same as toddlers), and a bible story with corresponding craft.  Both of these rooms are run by volunteers who are members of the church and have plenty of experience caring for children – many of them are parents or grandparents of children in the classes.  Each class has 2 volunteers to care for your children.  These rooms are open Sunday mornings for the Bible Study Hour through the Worship Service. You are always free to come and stay in the class a while with your children, or pick them up early to join you upstairs for praise & worship time.  The Pre-K room is also open Wednesday nights for any parents who plan to attend our Adult Bible Study or Prayer time.

Grade School Students (K-5th grade)

For Grade School Students we have a special Bible Study Hour class just for them in a classroom downstairs.  Afterwards these children will head upstairs to join their parents for the beginning of our worship service.  Just before the sermon time all Grade School Students are dismissed from the worship service to go to “Power Hour” which is our version of a children’s church.  In Power Hour kids will play games, are taught a bible story & lesson, and sometimes a craft.  They also do a movie day once a month with freshly popped pop corn & a bible themed kids movie.

We do have a classroom available for grade school kids that attend with their parents Wednesday nights.

Youth Group (grades 6th – 12th)

Our church firmly believes that any student ministry starts at home, with the parents.  That is why our youth ministry is designed to be a helpful resource to support parents of youth, rather than a separate exclusive teen only time.  Parents are always welcome at any youth meeting or event – in fact we love having parents come along as chaperones on youth trips and outings!  A very important part of our youth ministry is our Parent & Youth Small Group which meets about once a month.  Parents and their students meet together, usually over lunch on a Sunday after church, and spend time in scripture and prayer while also having fun hanging out together.  Parents are always included in youth planning meetings and their input is greatly desired!

Our youth meet downstairs in the Youth Room, a space they can call their own.  Youth can attend a Sunday Morning Bible Study class, as well as weekly Wednesday night Youth Group where they will have some fun hang out time as well as focused time praying and learning together, and there’s usually some sort of snack (aka junk food) involved as well!  Our Youth Group is led by Jonny Liston, who has been leading our youth for a few years now.  Jonny is also a full time middle school teacher in Wilmore, KY so he has plenty of experience teaching middle & high school students.  His family, wife JoAnna also their two young boys, are usually around for youth meetings and events too.  This group has lots of fun together, and there are various youth events and trips planned throughout the year.  For more info about our Youth Group you can email Jonny directly at:  jonny7toes@lhfellowship.com

You can find all of our Youth events listed on the Calendar.  For more photos of our Youth head over HERE